Taylor sent us her picture from Youth International Ballet Competition wearing our Ziyi Leotard. We think she looks gorgeous! Thanks Taylor!


Taylor wearing our Ziyi leotard for her competition

Ziyi Leotard

Ziyi Leotard

About International Ballet Competition (also known as American Dance Competition)

American Dance Competition (ADC|IBC)’s Founder and President Audrianna Broad started the competition to give young dancers a chance to be seen by industry leaders and a greater chance at a professional career. Looking back at her own dance career, Broad says, “We put so much energy into our daily training and our education, and on top of it, you had to make an audition video, assuming you could get performance footage. Back then it was so hard to get performance footage and put it together, and then you had to mail it in, follow up and personally audition – it was just such an ordeal.”

“Basically, I wanted to take several steps out of that process and while doing that, provide dancers a chance to further learn and perform, and help the young dancers get a name for themselves so they can build their own career. ADC|IBC allows dance students to meet top-notch directors and teachers.”

Held in Florida every year, the competition continues to grow in popularity. Last year’s event saw over 600 dancers compete. “We are seeing as much as we can,” says Broad. “It’s packed! The week is non-stop and we’re offering classes as well as competition. We’ve had to keep adding days but we’re getting to the point where if we keep adding days, I don’t know if it’s going to be accessible to all the dancers. Right now we’re at five days, and that might have to be our cap. We are fitting in as much as we can in that time frame.”

“It’s kind of like a job fair, but it’s more scholarship based,” explains Broad. “I want to keep creating these new programs, because I have so much to give and a growing list of contacts. That sets us apart from other competitions that I’ve seen. It’s great to win, but we are trying to create a long-term vehicle for dancers too, where they can market and promote themselves moving forward. That’s our objective here.”

It’s obviously an objective that is dear to the hearts of aspiring dancers across the globe, with 40 percent of the competitors coming from cities outside of the USA, with many dancers travelling from China, Hong Kong, Brazil and Central America.

For more about this competition, here is their official website.

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