Private Ballet Classes

This is a one-on-one class by a ballet professional for beginners up to at a professional level.

Private lessons where adult student learns RAD syllabus

Private lessons where adult student learns RAD syllabus

Private classes are for those who want to
  • progress quicker,
  • receive the type of detailed training at professional ballet schools,
  • learn variations/choreography,
  • learn a certain syllabus (such as RAD or CSTD or Vaganova ballet for adults/children)
  • or prepare for auditions.

Time: 1.5 hours (minimum)
Venue: available at discounted-rate studio or a studio of your choice


  • No age limit
  • No previous dance experience needed
  • Inform the instructor before hand of injury or medical condition.
  • An understanding that you may be prodded, poked and physically adjusted lightly for the correct posture and alignment.
  • Trust and patience with yourself

What happens in a private class?

It is a customized class that first starts at the barre which then follows to the center. You may request on what you’ll like to learn or improve, or the instructor may assess you and plan the class according to what you need to progress.If you’re an absolute beginner with no or little ballet experience, basics and foundation would be worked on.

At the end of the class, you’ll pay the instructor (in cash only, exact change).

You may add on a private stretch class, which is an additional hour after your private class. The teacher will assess your body and help you stretch appropriately and safely to gain the flexibility you need.

After foundation and beginner levels, you can request an additional hour to learn a dance, or to focus on turns or jumps or to go pointe.

Private pointe class

Requirements: No age limit but Intermediate level is required.

A necessary assessment for strength and technique must be made to ensure the safety of the student.

You are welcome though to request (subject to approval).

To book a private class:

Please email