Design is a form of innovation, and we love to innovate on regular basis.

One of the ideas we had was to in-built a sports bra into the leotard, to provide more support, especially for certain body types and those days during the time of the month where we may feel sore in the bust area.

Of course, we also realize the ballet aesthetic and how to discreetly in-built this Sports Bra Lining into the leotard, without looking bulky or be too thick, at the same time, it has to absorb sweat, be breathable and to appear seamless when wearing the leotard.

Here are some pictures that may help you understand the new Built-in Sports-Bra lining a bit better.


A seamless sports bra built-in to the design of leotards


Incorporate the sports bra into the design of some leotards, ensuring comfort and fit.


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